Fur Appraisals

By the Fur & Leather Centre

What if something were to happen to your fur?

Know Your Fur’s Value

You might own just one fur coat, or you may own an entire collection of furs. Whether you have one beloved fur or different furs for different occasions, it is important to protect your fur’s value.

Fur is a luxury item that can represent a significant value, both personal and financial. What if something were to happen to your fur? Could you recuperate the costs? Sadly, not enough fur owners take advantage of fur appraisals. Getting a piece of clothing officially appraised might seem odd, but experts recommend this easy, but impactful, step.

The Fur and Leather Centre offers documented fur appraisals for insurance, resale, and estate planning purposes. For a small fee, you can know your fur’s value. We also appraise fur jackets, capes, stoles, and any other fur accessory.

Insurance, Resale, or Estate Planning

There are several smart reasons to get your fur appraised. The first is for insurance purposes. Don’t leave your fur uninsured or underinsured. Having an updated appraisal will help you if your insurance company has to reimburse you for the value.  Your insurance company may not recognize the coat’s full value without an appraisal.

You may also want an appraisal if you are going to resell your fur in the future. If you think you might upgrade to a newer fur or you want to try a new fur style, get your current coat examined so you have hard numbers in hand when you’re selling online or in person. Having an official appraisal will add to your credibility as a seller.

The last reason you want to have your fur appraised is for estate planning. If you are planning who will inherit your items, don’t forget your fur. Fur is a popular item to pass down because it is a timeless piece that holds a legacy like jewelry or family photos. Have your fur appraised so down the line your family with have an official record of its worth. You can also donate your fur to some charities to receive a tax deduction.

Appraisal Process – Clear and Simple

When you are ready for your fur appraisal, the expert team at The Fur and Leather Centre will carefully examine your item. We will ask about the history and about the condition of the coat. Your coat’s value depends on its condition, style, and type of fur. Some types of furs are considered more desirable than others. Other factors that determine the value of your fur include whether the coat was made with an entire pelt, paws, or tails. We will also check for any imperfections like tears, rips, and shedding or brittle fur hairs.

After the appraisal is complete, we will provide you a written assessment and answer any questions you may have about the next step of your fur’s future. After learning your fur’s worth, it is common to change your mind about selling. We can help maintain your fur for the future or restyle it if the coat is outdated.

We also appraise leather, shearling, and other fine garments. Appraisals are gladly issued for you even if you purchased your fur coat, shearling coat, or other products elsewhere. You are important to us and we want your prized investment to be secure.

If something does happen to your fur, it may be more difficult to replace the emotional value, but with an official fur appraisal you can have peace of mind.

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