Fur Cleaning

By the Fur & Leather Centre

When finding a professional fur cleaner, do not risk taking your fur to a regular dry cleaner.

Your fur is a one-of-a-kind garment. You may only wear it for special occasions or maybe it’s your favorite cold weather coat. People wear fur for many reasons, but all furs need the proper care and maintenance to protect their natural beauty.

Your fur is a luxury material. Because fur is so valuable, it is important to have it professionally cleaned at least once year.

Along with necessary repairs and climate control storage, scheduling expert fur cleaning is an easy, but important step to long lasting fur.

The Fur and Leather Centre is proud to offer quality fur cleaning, conditioning, and glazing. Our professional team also cleans leather, shearling, and most other fine fabrics.

Why Does My Fur Coat Need Professional Cleaning?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions since in most cases your fur never looks dirty. Unlike other fabrics, fur is an organic material. Fur needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to protect the natural oils within the hairs.

When you touch your fur, you should feel a smooth texture. This is the sign of a healthy coat. But wearing your fur coat puts it in contact with dust, dirt, and odors. The winter season can be especially damaging to your coat with ice, snow, and salt particles latching onto each hair.

Over time, these particles steal your coat’s natural radiance and softness. This is because these tiny particles are attracted to the natural oils in your furs.

Without regular cleaning, your coat will age prematurely and lose its plush texture.

Superior Fur Cleaning and Care

Having your coat cleaned at least once a year with The Fur and Leather Centre will help ensure your fur stays beautiful for years. But our team doesn’t stop at just cleaning. Our special process also conditions and glazes your coat, jacket, or vest so it feels and looks like the first day you wore it.

When you bring in your fur to us, we will first conduct a detailed inspection to check for any previous damage or particular areas requiring more attention. The best time to bring in your coat is right after winter, preferably before it goes into cold storage.

Always remember that if you have spilled something on your coat or if it has been exposed to an excessive amount of perfume or smoke to have it professionally cleaned immediately to avoid permanent damage.

Since 1927, The Fur and Leather Centre has provided high quality services for fur owners across the Midwest. When finding a professional fur cleaner, do not risk taking your fur to a regular dry cleaner. Cleaning real fur requires special processes involving the right products and equipment.

While suitable for your dress or slacks, the normal dry cleaning process can ruin delicate furs or cause extensive damage.

The Fur and Leather Centre only uses the best tools and equipment for your fur, leathers, or shearling. Contact us today to schedule your fur cleaning appointment and keep your fur looking like new for years!

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