Fur Restyle

By the Fur & Leather Centre

The Fur and Leather Centre can transform your old fur and bring it back to life.

What would you do if you found a fabulous fashion piece? Something that you could wear for special nights out or causal days around town. A fashion statement piece to turn heads and leave a trail of gasps wherever you walked.

Well good news! Your probably already own this one of a kind garment. If you have an old fur that you don’t wear often or one that doesn’t flatter you, it is time to get a fur restyle.

The Fur and Leather Centre is proud to provide complete fur restyling for your coats, jackets, stoles, and more. Our team of expert furriers and designers can add years of new life to your furs. Fur is as beautiful as it is practical. It is one of the only materials that can be taken apart and be reassembled into something new.

Learn how we can breathe beautiful new life into your fur:

Elegant Styles for Your Big Night Out

If you inherited your fur from a family member or found it at a vintage sale, it might have an outdated style. Old fur styles include large shoulders, long silhouettes, and extra flourishes around the collar or sleeves.  These styles might make you think your fur is stuck in the 80’s, but fur is making a big comeback in high fashion. Major fashion houses from New York to Paris are using fur in modern, clean designs.

The Fur and Leather Centre can transform your old fur and bring it back to life. Fur coats and jackets are powerful statement pieces. If you want to bring the “WOW” factor to your next gala, wedding, or special event, wear fur. Our team of designers knows what styles are hot on the runway. We can redesign your fur to perfectly match your style.

If you’re not sure what kind of fur style would suit you best, we can help. Our team discusses and suggests what type of design best flatters your body and features.

Causal Fur Daytime Looks

Big, old Hollywood fur isn’t always practical in today’s world.  If you have an old fur, but want to wear it for everyday occasions, we will make it modern, stylish, and sensible.

A big trend in fur fashion is throwing on a fur jacket with a t-shirt and jeans or adding a fur cape to your professional outfit for work. The Fur and Leather Centre can make your old full length coat into a lighter, shorter jacket or stole to match your needs. We can also tailor your garment if it is too big or small for you. The Fur and Leather Centre carefully sources fur so the new fur blends perfectly with your old fur.

The Limit is Your Imagination

Our team of trained designers can take your fur coat or jacket and turn it into something completely new. Think fur stoles, muff, hats, scarves, and even pillows…the possibilities are endless!

If you have big plans for your old fur, it is important to find a professional furrier you can trust. Regular tailors or seamstress are suitable for normal clothing, but fur is a luxury material. The only way to make proper alterations and remodels is to use fur-industry specific needles, threads, and other tools. By taking your fur to untrained hands, you risk seriously damaging your fur, especially if it is already old and brittle.

Fur restyles requires expert knowledge. The Fur and Leather Centre has over 200 years of experience in selling, maintaining, and restyling furs. We treat your fur like it is our own, so you can expect the best in fur services.

If you have any questions about fur restyling or would like to schedule your initial appointment, contact us today.

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