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By the Fur & Leather Centre

Moths and other insects can be attracted to the natural oils in your furs.

Know Your Fur’s Value

Your fur coat is your shield against the harsh elements of winter. The wind, the cold, and the unforgiving snow and sleet would be a nightmare without your favorite fur coat.

But when the season changes, your favorite furs need a little tender loving care, the springtime is the perfect time to get your furs cleaned and ready for storage through the warmer months. Why is storage so important for your furs?

Without the right type of storage, your fur can become damaged by light, temperature changes, or even insects. Professional fur storage prevents these problems and helps ensures you fur does not age prematurely. Storage is one of the most important steps in owning a fur.

For proper protection against the elements, you should store your fur with The Fur and Leather Centre. We also provide storage for leather, shearlings, and wool coats and jackets. Our state of the art storage vaults protect against all possible threats to your coat’s beauty.

Take Care of Your Fur

According to Fur Information Council of America, home storage with regular air conditioning or in cedar closets can be detrimental to the natural oils in your fur. Touch a section of your fur. You should feel a slight amount of oil. This is normal and is a sign of a healthy fur pelt. If your fur is kept in your home or an ill-equipped storage center, the unregulated air will dry your fur prematurely. This can cause brittle hairs and permanent damage.

During the off-season, fur should be kept in cold storage. The cool temperatures maintain the natural oils. The optimal temperature is 50 degrees F. Humidity is also a critical issue. In your home or storage unit, the moisture in the air can vary greatly. Even if it is a mild spring, your home could have dry air one day and damp air the next.

This can wreak havoc on your furs. Your furs need consistent humidity and ample space for your coat to breathe.  The Fur and Leather Centre has precise humidity control at the perfect 45-55% range.

Avoid Strong Scents

Your house may also be home to unwanted guests – vermin and pests. Moths and other insects can be attracted to the natural oils in your furs. If they lay eggs or burrow into your fur, it can cause severe damage and expensive repairs.

Odor is another factor to consider. In a cedar chamber or basement, unpleasant smells can seep into your fur. Your fur is sensitive and can pick up scents from cedar, mothballs, or other smells lurking in your house.

Storing your furs with the Fur and Leather Centre is easy and a small investment to prolong the life of your furs.

The storage vaults at the Fur and Leather Centre maintain the perfect level of humidity with the right temperature. We make sure your furs do not dry out and keep their luxuriously soft sheen all throughout the year.

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